Myths and Symbols of Vedic Astrology | Author: Bepin Behari | Edited by: David Frawley | Pages: 280 | Type: Paper Back | Publisher: Lotus Press | ISBN: 0940985519 | Ordering through Internatural

Vedic Astrology has a wealth of myths and symbols, some in common with Western Astrology. Many of the secrets of life and consciousness can be in unlocking the astrological keys to the great archetypes of the psyche, through the planets, signs and houses, which are examined in detail. This book also explores the Nakshatras, the 27 lunar mansions, a unique aspect of the Vedic system of astrology.

Recommended for our Vedic astrology students.
Note also by Bepin Behari through Lotus Press:

Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology
Planets in Signs and Houses