Sarasvati River and the Vedic Civilization | Author: N.S. Rajaram | Foreword: David Frawley | Publisher: Aditya Prakashan 2006 | Pages: 152 | Type: Hardback | ISBN 81-7742-066-6 | The book can be ordered directly from the publisher, Aditya Prakashan

An excellent summary and update of the current science and scholarship about ancient India. Starting with the importance of the Sarasvati River and the geological findings about the time frame of its drying up, the book builds up an impressive case on the antiquity of Vedic culture in India going back to the Pre-Harappan period. The book examines a wide variety of information and presents a remarkable and coherent synthesis of the data.

The conclusion is clear that the Aryan invasion/migration theory can be replaced by a new scenario of a largely indigenous development of civilization in India that probably influences the ciiviilzations to the West more than it borrowed from them.