Science of the Sacred

Science of the Sacred | Author: David Osborn (Swami B.B. Vishnu) | Foreword by David Frawley | Type: Paperback | List Price: $53.00 | Publisher: Gosai Publishing | Language: English/ Country: India/ Edition: First Edition

Sacred provides a foundation for expanding our awareness of the reality around us, beyond modern scientific theories, to those grounded in the ancient Vedic scriptures and their scientific presentations. Over the ages, innumerable luminaries, scientists, and intelligentsia, recognized for their contributions to society, praise the accuracy of the Vedas. Browse the ancient traditions of Sacred Dance, Vedic Mathematics, Vastu Shastra, Vedic Science, Transcendental Sound and much more.

Includes articles by David Osborn, Subhash Kak, David Frawley, Jack Hebner, Dr. M.B. Shiva Kumar, and Sridhar Dev Goswami.

David Osborn (Swami Vishnu) is director of the important website,