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How Narendra Modi is invoking old civilisational spirit to build new, aspirational India

Sep 19,22

New India can be a new light for humanity, not just at political or economic levels, but also at a …

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Kootaneeti: A Forgotten Vedic Art & Science

Sep 11,22

Mahesh Prabhu with input from David Frawley | From the Authors of Fundamentals of Kootaneeti: The Vedic Approach to Strategic Living …

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Sri Ganesha as the Cosmic Guru

Aug 31,22

  India since the time of the Vedas, which means knowledge, has always been a knowledge-oriented civilization. This Indic pursuit …

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Rina: The Vedic View of Debts and How to Manage Them

Aug 27,22

The feeling of debt or obligation, whether financial or otherwise, is also a psychological issue since it strongly effects the …

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Economics & Emotions: Artha and Swartha

Jul 18,22

It easy to say that decisions are best made when we are not acting out of our emotions. Yet emotions …

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Wealth, Money, and Vedic Knowledge

Jul 12,22

One of the common myths about Vedic knowledge is that it requires an austere lifestyle, where people divest themselves of …

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