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Yoga & Ayurveda in an Age of Social and Economic Uncertainty

Jun 29,22

In these times of economic and social uncertainty, Yoga and Ayurveda practitioners and schools have faced numerous unpredictable challenges, and …

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Why the practice of Yoga should begin with Ayurveda

Jun 20,22

Following Ayurveda along with Yoga  helps us gain complete harmony and balance in body and mind so that we can …

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Ayurvedic Implications of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Jun 13,22

We will explore the extensive relationship and vast interconnections between Yoga and Ayurveda, focusing on the Yoga Sutras. This examination …

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Modern Science and the Vedic Science of Consciousness

May 1,22

Modern science has its place in making our outer lives safer and more productive and helping us to better utilize …

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PRESS RELEASE: Mahesh Prabhu & Dr David Frawley collaborate to create an international publishing label VIVASWAAN.

Dec 13,21

Mahesh Prabhu, Chairman & Founder of Vedic Management Center (, along with internationally renowned teacher of Yoga, Vedanta & Ayurveda, …

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Vedic Perspective on Burden

Dec 2,21

भारोऽविवेकिन: शास्त्रं भारो ज्ञानं च रागिण: । अशान्तस्य मनो भारो भारोऽनात्मविदो वपु: ॥ Shastras are a burden for those who …

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