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Yogic Quest: Test your understanding of Vedic Knowledge

Apr 14,21

How well do you know the greater Yoga tradition and the deeper Vedic knowledge? This test created by noted Vedic teacher Dr David Frawley (Acharya Vamadeva Shastri) can help you to confirm your assessment on this topic yourself. What is more? You can even share your test results with to the world through the social media.

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Oct 27,20

Why is criticism important as part of the learning process? Why can it lead to conflict and enmity? How can …

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RECORDED WEBINAR: The Vedic Approach to Transcending Fear

Sep 29,20

Living in the era of a great pandemic, fear has become overwhelming owing to the resultant personal, social and economic …

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Aug 19,20

The meaning of Prana from the breath to the Universal Life Energy and their interconnection

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The Profound Relevance of Vedic Knowledge Today

Jan 28,20

The ultimate technology is not that of external machines and computers but arises through mastering the powers of our own …

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