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Book title: Essentials of Vedic Wisdom for Blissful Living | Authored by U. Mahesh Prabhu | Pages 282 | Type: Paperback | ISBN-10: 1542592550 | ISBN-13: 978-1542592550

Essentials of Vedic wisdom for Blissful living is a humble attempt to introduce the eternal wisdom of the Vedic rishis (sages) in a simple yet undiluted form. It seeks to elucidate various Vedic ideas , including  Atman, Paramatma, Karma, Dharma , contrary to popular incomplete definitions. The authors endeavor to explain not just the grand design of the universe, but also how the teachings of the Vedas can be used to lead a blissful life amid the present day chaos, stress and confusion. The book also has a brilliant foreword by Dr David Frawley.

Udupi Mahesh Prabhu is a media, management & political consultant. He is a Founder & Director of Vedic Management Center and pens columns for BW Businessworld as well as Business Goa. A fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland, London (UK) and member of the International Federation of Journalists(USA), he also holds a Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing.

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