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Katha Yoga

Katha-Yoga | Author: Sivananda Murty | Introduction: David Frawley | Biblia Impex 2009 | ISBN: 9788177420913

In this work, the author deals with secret Yoga of Kathopanishad, not merely its philosophy. By narrating the event of a Brahman boy going to the God of death seeking instruction what happens after death, it reflects certain yogic practices for facing death and moving beyond its grip.

Frawley considers Sivananda Murty to be one of the greatest living gurus in India today and regards him as one of his teachers and guides. Sivananda Murty holds great jnana and bhakti and a profound understanding of the philosophy, art and culture of India, with a special knowledge of Vedic astrology. His book on the Katha Upanishad provides a much deeper view than what is usually presented and presents many yogic secrets.

“This book has come to light as an international publication just on the account of the interest taken by Frawley. Frawley has not only provided a brilliant analytical introduction but also has seen to it that the book is published in an appropriate way. I owe it to him that he alone is responsible for this book coming to light. I profusely thank Dr Frawley for all that he has done.” — Sivananda Murty

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