The Nakshatras | Author: Dr. Dennis Harness | Introduction by David Frawley | Foreword by Chakrapani Ullal | List Price: $15.95 | Pages: 216 | Type: Paper Back | ISBN: 0914955837, First Published: 1998, Editions USA, India (Motilal Banarsidass)

This dynamic book shows you how to access the wisdom of the Nakshatras, the twenty seven lunar mansions of Vedic astrology, in your personal life and for society. Through it the modern reader can understand the energies of their stars and learn how to utilize these to bring their lives into harmony with the great forces of the universe.

The Nakshatras add a deeper dimension to understanding ourselves than do the twelve signs, showing more the nature of the soul and its karmas. They present another important set of human typologies with broad implications for all aspects of life.

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