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Veda and Yoga are One: Veda is knowledge and Yoga is its practice

Veda is the knowledge and Yoga is its practice. It is that simple. They are two sides of the same truth. Yoga not only leads us to Veda, but also expresses it. Veda embodies itself through Yoga as its manifestation. Veda, from the root “vid” to know, refers to Knowledge in the highest sense as

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The Flow of Soma

By David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) In the following article we will discuss the Vedic principle of Soma and its related principle of Agni in order to help us understand the internal alchemy behind the deeper practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. *****Article Reflects our upcoming Webinar on Soma Dec. 6, 2020, note Registration Information*****  

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The Ancient Solar Yoga

What if the most powerful force for energizing all Yoga practices were as obvious and visible as the Sun? The fact is, that it is. The Sun, properly understood is not merely an outer but an inner energy source, reflecting the supreme light of Yoga both in our own hearts and in the world of

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Modern Science and Vedic Science

Vedic Science and the Pursuit of Truth Real science consists of an objective pursuit of truth through observation and experimentation. It occurs apart from any beliefs or preconceptions about what it is going to find. It is based upon reason and direct perception, in which the reality is allowed to reveal itself to the unbiased

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The Profound Relevance of Vedic Knowledge Today

The ultimate technology is not that of external machines and computers but arises through mastering the powers of our own awareness and prana, such as the great Yogis and Rishis have been able to achieve. When people today learn about India’s ancient Vedas they discover a tradition over 5,000 years old guided by illumined seers

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Embodied Mind and Transcendent Consciousness

American Institute of Vedic Studies
American Institute of Vedic Studies
Embodied Mind and Transcendent Consciousness

We human beings are embodied creatures defined by our birth in a particular physical body as indicating our real identity and the focus of our

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Your inner Self (Atman) and true nature cannot be compared to anything. It has no name, form or action, no shape, size or color. It

The Ancient Yoga of the Sun

For the Winter Solstice December 21, which marks the rebirth of the Sun and Agni What if the most powerful force for energizing all Yoga

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