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Vedic Origins of Yoga

  Yoga is not a new phenomenon but the essence of the spiritual and cultural traditions of India going back to the earliest eras, with connections throughout the world and human history. Yoga is a great treasure and heritage with benefits for all countries that are now becoming obvious to society as a whole. Yogic

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The Vedas and Ancient Egypt

The Vedas as the Pyramids of the Mind The Vedas represent a monumental spiritual literature, by far the largest that remains from the ancient world, the profound symbolic mantras of India’s ancient Rishis. We could therefore call the Vedas, ‘the pyramids of the ancient mind’. The Vedas are the oldest record of the great dharmic

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Unity & Pluralism in Dharmic Traditions

By David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri, One of the two keynote talks given at the close of the International Conference on Dharma-Dhamma, Bhopal, India, Sept. 23, 2012, which was attended by several hundred scholars from throughout the world. It followed the groundbreaking ceremony for a new university for Buddhist and Indic Studies at Sanchi, Madhya

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Shiva and Shakti Yogas

Yoga means unification, which is first the unity of all the dualities and contraries that constitute the energies of life.

The Ancient Yoga of the Sun

What if the most powerful force for energizing all Yoga practices were as obvious and visible as the Sun? The