Course Ordering

The following ordering process is for courses only. For programs, please contact us directly as options may be different. For those wishing to order Frawley’s or Shambhavi’s books only and not the courses, please go to our book list under each title for various book sellers (we do not sell individual titles).

[*Note new automatic payment options as of June 20, 2014 that include ordering of the new on-line access to our courses.*]


We have provided a variety of electronic, wire transfer, phone and mail options to ensure that you have an easy way to order from us. We respond quickly to all email requests for help with paying for orders.

  1. Electronic

    paypalSubmit your order for our courses by credit card directly through the internet by clicking PAYPAL here. Paypal is the leading international internet payment service. It offers other money transfers, including bank transfers, as well as credit card payments of various types.
    You can also transfer money from your paypal account to our paypal account, American Institute of Vedic Studies ( for paying for our courses, retreats and tours. Let us first know by email before you make such a transfer.
  2. Phone
    Call us at 1-505-983-9385 and provide the items you wish to order along with your name, address, contact information, credit card number, security code, and expiration date, and we will process your order shortly. We will make your payment through Linkpoint International (First Data), which is one of the largest credit card agencies in the world.
    Note that we are located in Mountain Time Zone (two hours behind New York City). It is easiest to reach us afternoons 3-5 PM, Monday through Thursday. You can leave your information on our voice mail if we are not in. Or you can leave your phone number and a time to reach you, we will call you back as soon as we can. Our phone hours are irregular and some days we are closed for travel or for programs, but we do usually get back to you quickly if you leave a message.
  3. Mail and Fax
    Download the above form and mail us or fax us with your order. Canada course payments sent through the mail should be paid by Credit Card or International Check, or check drawn in dollars payable to a US bank or branch.
  4. Bank Wire Transfer
    You can also wire us payment for our courses, retreats, tours or other programs from your bank to our bank. Email us at and we will pass on our bank details to you.


  • All orders of the on-line course version will not include anything sent by mail, unless one also orders the printed course version (available for USA and CANADA only).
  • For those ordering the course in its on-line access version, you will receive an access code generally within a few days of your course order.
  • For mail orders we ship US Priority Mail unless otherwise specially arranged. For Canada orders, we ship by US Air Mail Parcel Post insured.
  • Turnaround time for mail orders takes up to two weeks from the time we receive it, plus shipping time (approximately one week for US orders, two weeks for Canadian orders), which can be a little longer during the holidays or when we are busy with programs. We usually do not provide tracking numbers for your orders but you can email us if you are concerned about when the course is likely to arrive.
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