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Vedic Masters Programs

We at the American Institute of Vedic Studies have offered four globally respected Vedic certification courses over the last forty years,  sharing Vedic knowledge worldwide. Now we are offering greater certification options for our students.

Many of our students have taken more than one of our four online courses, which relate to interconnected aspects of Vedic knowledge. We have now decided to honor these students with greater certifications, particularly those who have taken or wish to take all four of our certification courses.

If you as our student have already completed one or more of our courses, you can already be given credits toward our advanced certifications.

In addition we are encouraging new students to take more than one course in order to gain a more complete Vedic Education.



Integral Vedic Teachers Program

Specialization Areas: Yoga and Ayurveda

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If you have further questions about the Vedic Masters Program feel free to write to us using the form below, we usually respond in 4 working days.