What is Ayurvedic Healing ? – Video

An introduction to our Ayurvedic Healing approach, as in Dr. Frawley’s classic book Ayurvedic Healing: A Comprehensive Guide and our on-line Ayurvedic Healing course. Ayurveda is India’s traditional natural healing system that arose out of Yoga and the Vedic sciences in ancient times and has been continually updated throughout the ages, including taking new forms and expressions for the planetary age.

Shares the secrets of Ayurvedic Healing on all levels of our being and relative to all aspects of our lives. It teaches us what Ayurveda means in its deeper sense and how we can benefit from its wisdom. Ayurveda is not only the science of life and natural living but also part of the Vedic science of immortality and Self-realization. While it is growing in popularity globally, many of its deeper teachings are not yet understood.

Note our on-line Ayurvedic Healing Course.

Ayurvedic Healing Course | Comprehensive, affordable, distance learning, online course on Ayurveda

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