Ayurvedic Healing Course (ONLINE EDITION)


Take a  comprehensive, yet affordable distance learning program in Ayurvedic medicine, providing extensive material, presented with clarity and depth. It is an excellent and accessible place to start your journey into Ayurveda from wherever you may be, and yet will take you very far.



Ayurveda is spreading rapidly in popularity worldwide. The main model of Ayurvedic practice is that of an “Ayurvedic Wellness consultant” or “Ayurvedic Life-style consultant.” Over the past twenty five years, we have offered our course in the foundations of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic life-consultancy training to over five thousand people and in six different languages worldwide, including as the basis of longer Ayurvedic training programs in several countries. Our course offers you the knowledge to bring to the level of Ayurveda Life-style examination and consultancy and without any expensive travel.