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Special Announcement
New On-line Course Versions Now Available!!!

We are most happy to announced that the American Institute of Vedic Studies has now introduced new on-line versions of all three of our distance learning courses at a discounted price of $445.00:

  • Ayurvedic Healing Course
  • Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra and Meditation Course
  • Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda: Astrology of the Seers Course      

We will be changing our course information and ordering options accordingly. You will not receive any printed material or be able to order any reference books with this option. You can still add the interactive option to the courses if you wish.

The on-line version will offer full access to the courses on line, lesson by lesson. Lessons can be printed out but not downloaded directly.

The full course will be accessible by computer anywhere in the world. It will include recent and on-going course updates, which will be more frequent with the on-line versions. Interactive options will continue to be available. Since 1985 our courses have been taken by over ten thousand students worldwide.

For International Students

For students outside of USA and Canada course access will now be by on-line only and we will no longer send out any course material or books through the mail.

Direct on-line access helps reduce printing and mailing costs, customs charges and possible loss of courses in overseas mail.

If you need any of the reference books for the course these are readily available through various outlets like Amazon.com, Mlbd.com (India), Lotus Press and Internatural (USA), including in Kindle editions. Many of our books are available in foreign language editions also, as we have titles in more than twenty different languages worldwide.

For USA and Canada Students

USA and Canada students can also access the course now by its on-line version. For those wishing to sign up directly for it, the cost will also be $445.00, with nothing additional sent by mail.

For those wanting the printed course materials, these will still be available at the existing prices. You can also add the on-line version to the printed course materials for an additional $150.00.

For Former Students

Former students of our courses can receive the on-line course access at a discounted prince, $100 for those who have signed up for courses after July 1, 2013, with $200 for those who have signed up before that. Please email us at vedicinst@aol.com for this option as we need to confirm your previous course order.

Floracopeia presents audio course with David Frawley, Oct. 2013

Internationally Renowned Author & Teacher Dr. David Frawley Soma: The Universal Power Of Rejuvenation For Body And Mind

The audio course will guide you systematically through special Yoga and Ayurveda Rejuvenation and Soma practices. It will unfold for you how to develop your inner Soma or power of bliss, rejuvenation and immortality, through which we can master our own brain chemistry and access a transformative intelligence beyond the conditioning of the mind.

The course was first released in October of 2013 and will be re-released at future dates. For more information contact Floracopeia.


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