Vedantic Meditation



Vedantic Meditation, Lighting the Flame of Awareness | Author: David Frawley | Foreword: John Douillard | List Price: $15.95 | ISBN: 1556433344 | Pages: 138 | First Published: 2000 | Editions: USA, India, Holland, Germany, Russia

In this thoughtful and penetrating introduction to the world’s oldest meditation tradition, Frawley describes the sophisticated psychology of Vedanta–one aspect being the fact that “negative emotions exist because we do not live with reverence.” He also explains the main teachings of Ramana Maharshi in a simple, direct and comprehensive manner, including the practice of Self-inquiry, along with a new translation of Ramana’s Upadesha Saram.

Several articles in the book appeared in the Times of India, India’s largest national newspaper. This is an important text on meditation from the Vedic tradition of India as adapted to our life problems and mindset today.

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