The Vedic Secrets of the Nakshatras

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  • The Nakshatras, also called “lunar mansions” or “asterisms” constitute a 27-fold division of the zodiac based upon the movement of the Moon, which takes 27 days to go around the zodiac. The Nakshatras are one of the prime factors of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) for interpreting natal charts (Jataka) and for daily astrological changes and mundane astrology (Muhurta).
  • Understanding the Nakshatras is essential for any deeper applications of Vedic astrology, particularly relative to the spiritual and yogic secrets of the Vedas. Yet few people today, particularly those trained in sign-based astrology, understand the Nakshatras or their symbolism, which is unique in many ways from the ancient Vedas to recent astrology in our world today.
  • In this special four-hour video course, we will examine the 27 Nakshatras starting from their ancient Vedic roots as explained in Pre-Parashara Vedic texts, exploring their qualities, energies, spiritual powers and deities, including much material not available in in Vedic astrology texts today. It will also correlate the meanings of the Nakshatras with the constellations and fixed stars, including astronomical factors.
  • The course is divided into four one hour videos covering specific topics and different Nakshatras. It aims to make the Nakshatras come alive for you and connect you to its cosmic influences.
  • This course is based upon original research by Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri), whose Vedic studies are highly honored in traditional circles in India, and known worldwide where he has students in numerous countries.
  • The course will share Vedic secrets of the Nakshatras that Dr. Frawley has uncovered in older Vedic texts from his study of the original Sanskrit over the last fifty years. 
  • The course begins with an extensive introduction about the role of the Nakshatras in Vedic astrology overall and then addresses the individual Nakshatras one by one and their specific deities. The course is indepth and many sided in its presentation. It reflects not just mundane predictions but also transcendent knowledge which the Nakshatras connect us to as representing the fixed stars. 
  • While focusing on the Moon’s position in the Nakshatras, it also addresses their broader planetary and stellar connections, including relative to the Milky Way. It addresses the Nakshatras as a spiritual and cosmic reality and energetic, not just as mundane factors.
  • For all astrologers who wish to better understand the deeper implications of the Nakshatras and use them in their astrological interpretations, this course is an invaluable resource. This knowledge will aid the student in understanding the cosmic secrets of Yoga and the Vedic vision of the conscious universe, which are part of the deeper Yogic astrology.
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