The Need for India to Awaken and Spread its Yoga Shakti

By Yogini Shambhavi

Vedic thought is awakening every soul in Bharata or India today. Vedic thought and its dharmic traditions have found its voice being echoed throughout the world, influencing people, seekers, philosophers and scientists in countries East and West.


The great Yoga tradition has influenced the lifestyle and mindset of the world seeker to bring about a deeper consciousness of body, heart, mind and spirit. India’s ancient heritage and discipline of Yoga has become a deeply uniting force across the world, cutting across religion, borders and differences led by the Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi through International Yoga Day.

Through history one observes that a nation reflects its people, and so does a religion. The battles we fight in the world are mirroring the unrest in ourselves in today’s world. Today more than ever we see a reflection of this deepening struggle between “Darkness and Light”.

The universe is a vast mirror and we are merely seeing our own image reflected in this mirror of anguish, hate and pain. What we see is not pleasing to the eye, heart and soul. And here begins the internal struggle between Light and Dark. Yet it is the darkness which has the intensity of attraction to draw us into its shadowy net.

India as a Vedic Nation and culture has maintained a flow of divine grace through eons of hardships and obscuration. The “Inner Truth” of its Reality and conviction, which rests in its effervescent Dharmic traditions, is still reflecting the light and wisdom of the Sun, stirring the deeper soul of its peoples. Its mystical land with cosmic rivers like the Sarasvati, Ganga and Narmada continue to bear the fruits of Soma, the Amrita of divinity.


The Importance of Dharma

In every indigenous civilisation “Dharma” set the foundations for upholding the universal principles which support all life and wellbeing. Reverence for the cosmic principles as Mother Earth, Mother Nature and the sacred heavens aligns us with the Niyamas of a dharmic support system of virtuous awareness in thought, action and expression with deep compassion for all living beings.

Sanatana Dharma is a way of life coloring the Sattva Guna in our lives, mirroring the cosmic reality and truth. It is a dharma imbuing compassion, divine love and deep reverence for the Self and for all living beings. This Hindu Dharma instills a higher consciousness, creating an awareness of peace and compassion among all living beings. Dharma is not about merely our human rights which most often revolve around the senses, material wishes and scientific development only.

In today’s world asserting our personal rights often requires that we give up our inner spirit and embrace a more abrasive and separatist quality where we distance ourselves from our true reality, family and community now over shadowed by our personal dictates. One’s rights are not about exclusivity but about harmonious inclusivity, reflecting the sacred nature of the individual.

Vedic thought opens us up to the “Conscious Right’ of every living being on Mother Earth with a deep reverence for Mother Nature and the cosmic heavens. A true Dharmic mindset steers a conscientious thought-wave, awakening the soul stirrings of every being to understand that all life must exist within the sacred parameters of harmony, equality and equipoise.

Women are an intrinsic part of manifesting this dharmic vision and must be protected, encouraged in education and nurtured. Raising this voice of unison among all women will draw attention to the importance of the feminine principle in this day and age. We must encourage education, growth, stability and independence not through aggression and power mongering, but through dignity, nurturing and graciousness. Women need to invoke the power of the divine feminine to capture its deeper essence of healing and universal well-being.


Jai Maa Guru!

Yogini Shambhavi Devi

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