Archaeology On-Line Articles

This extensive website contains a series of important articles by David Frawley and his colleagues on the new view of ancient India from a variety of perspectives.

Sanskritization: A New Model of Language Development: By David Frawley
Examines the issues of the spread of Indo-European Languages.

Indic Language Families: By Subhash Kak

Examines the place of language families in historical interpretations.

The Vedic Religion in Ancient Iran and Zarathustra: By Subhash Kak
Examines the many connections between Ancient Iran and the Vedic culture.

Aryan Invasion: History or Politics: by N.S. Rajaram
Examines the long history of the political use of the Aryan Invasion theory in European nationalism.

Closing the Chapter on the Aryan Problem: by N.S. Rajaram
Shows how the Aryan Problem is largely a creation of a misunderstanding of what Aryan means in the Vedas.

November 27, 2020

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