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Sri Ganesha in Vedic Astrology

May 6,21

  Most traditional birth charts drawn up in India have drawings of Sri Ganesha at the top of the documents, …

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Discovering the Secret Power of Hanuman

Apr 26,21

  Hanuman endows us with the Atma-Shakti or self-power to realize our highest potential and accomplish what is magical. Hanuman …

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Lord Vishnu and Vedic Astrology

Apr 15,21

Vishnu is the primary Devata for the Sun in Vedic thought, notably in the form of Surya-Narayana.  Narayana is the …

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Psychological Immunity and How to Measure it

Apr 8,21

We all know the importance of physical immunity. This is our ability to resist disease, ward off pathogens, endure the …

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Releasing the Knots of the Heart: Hridaya Granthi

Mar 29,21

Yogic literature, starting with the Upanishads, speak of the knots of the heart and the necessity to release, cut or …

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Yogic Pratyahara and Psychological Immunity

Mar 25,21

Pratyahara Yoga   What is the main Yoga practice we can do for developing our psychological immunity, emotional calm, and …

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Consciousness and Immunity

Mar 19,21

Consciousness and Immunity Strong immunity is the basis for physical and mental health. It has ramifications outwardly relative to our …

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Lord Shiva in Vedic Astrology

Mar 15,21

Lord Shiva has a central yet complex role in Vedic astrology, associated with a number of planetary energies, though he …

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Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

Mar 15,21

  The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused a massive loss of life, particularly for the elderly, and many millions worldwide have …

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Shiva Ayurveda – The Yogic Power of Healing and Transformation

Mar 11,21

We follow an ancient tradition of Shiva Ayurveda connected to the Himalayan domain of Shiva and the great Yogis, including …

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