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Self-Remembrance: Do Not Forget Your Inner Being

Oct 13,21

Self-remembrance is one of the key practices of meditation in the Vedantic tradition. Self-remembrance grounds us in our eternal reality …

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The Great Goddess and World Mother (Mahadevi) in Vedic Astrology

Oct 13,21

  Mahadevi, the Great Goddess, has many names and forms in Jyotish, the Vedic astrological science of light. These range …

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The Healing Power of Shakti

Oct 11,21

Shakti, the intrinsic grace of the Divine Mother Goddess, holds the supreme power of spiritual, psychological and bodily well-being. Connecting …

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Ojas: The Power of Immunity in Yoga and Ayurveda

Oct 8,21

Ojas is the ultimate resort of strength, patience and endurance for body and mind. Ojas is cultivated in Ayurveda for …

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Who is Goddess Durga and why we celebrate Navratras

Oct 7,21

Ma Durga is the protective form of Shakti, burning up all ignorance, as her fiery nature energises our highest motivation. …

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Our True Self as the Space of Consciousness (Chidakasha)

Oct 5,21

In Vedanta the Self or Atman is commonly defined as space (kham, akasha). That space (akasha) is further defined as …

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Mantra, Concentration and Meditation

Sep 30,21

  Concentration and Meditation   To reach the meditative state, concentration is required first. A scattered, distracted, and inattentive mind …

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Turning Life’s Poisons into the Nectar of Soma

Sep 29,21

Shiva as the Drinker of Poison Shiva is the great ecstatic deity of Yoga, the supreme Lord of the highest …

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Inner Self-Awareness and the Mind-Body Connection

Sep 25,21

Whatever you bring into your mind, you also bring into your physical body. What your mind does, affects both your …

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Vedic Counseling and Ayurvedic Psychology

Sep 23,21

Vedic counseling forms the background teaching for any education, guidance or therapy in the Vedic field. This includes Yoga, Ayurveda, …

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