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Category: Core Teachings

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Mauna: The Yoga of Silence

Mauna, the Secret Limb of Yoga Mauna refers to the practice of not-speaking, and one who does this regularly is called a Muni, a sign of great respect in Hindu and yogic thought. While not-speaking is an important part of Mauna, it is much more than that. The voice is the foremost of our motor

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Vedic Counseling and Karmic Counseling

Karmic Responsibility: Taking Control of Your Life The first thing Vedic counseling teaches us is that our lives are a product of our own actions or karma. Who we are and what we experience, both individually and collectively, is the result of forces that we have set in motion and are ultimately responsible for.  We

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The Three Gunas: How to Balance Your Consciousness

Ayurveda provides a special language for understanding the primal forces of Nature and shows us how to work with them on all levels. According to Yoga and Ayurveda, Nature consists of three primal qualities, which are the main powers of Cosmic Intelligence that determine our spiritual growth. These are called gunas in Sanskrit, meaning “what

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Guru Purnima: Spreading the Message of India’s gurus

The Guru has been one of India’s main exports to the world, with many traveling to teach and inspire millions around the globe. Now it is time for India as a country to take a more conscious role as the world Guru spreading its dharmic traditions. India is perhaps the only country in the world

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Vedantic Meditation

From darkness lead us to light, from non-being lead us to being, from death lead us to immortality. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad I.3.28 I laud the flame of awareness that is placed before all things, the deity of the sacred ritual, who manifests by the seasons, the invoker of the Gods, best to grant the treasure. The

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Suffering and Awakening

  It is not necessarily sad that we suffer, that we experience pain, disease or death, which are an inherent part of life. The real sadness is that we have lost consciousness of our true nature in which we can find enduring peace even in the midst of pain, misfortune or iniquity. This loss of

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Shiva and Prana Yoga

  Shiva and Prana Yoga  Prana Yoga is one of the most important Yoga traditions and an integral part of the worship of Shiva Mahadev,

Svastha: Wellbeing in Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the Vedic science of life for all living beings, defines health and wellbeing in terms of Svastha. Svastha means abiding (stha) in one’s own

The Upanishadic Connection to Neuroscience

Upanishadic sages thousands of years ago understood the secrets of neuroscience, but going beyond the physical body and mind to higher levels of consciousness. Vedic

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