Video – Dr. Frawley In Conversation with Rajiv Mehrotra

Dr. David Frawley In Conversation with noted writer Rajiv Mehrotra, an overview of his Vedic Work and its relevance today. An archival video.

Rajiv Mehrotra is a prominent Indian writer, television producer-director and documentary film maker. He is a personal student of the Dalai Lama for whom he manages The Foundation for Universal Responsibility ( He is the host of one of India’s longest running talk shows on public television, “In Conversation”, that has been through several incarnations over  twenty years, aired on the India’s National broadcaster, Doordarshan News Channel.

He has interviewed Dr. Frawley several times and also included him among the thirty teachers mentioned in his book The Mind of the Guru. The following video was released some years ago but is now being re-released again.

This video is of an interview of years and can serve as an archive of Dr. Frawley’s teachings and associations on all levels of his Vedic work from Yoga and Ayurveda to Vedic Astrology, Vedanta, Hinduism and India Today.

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