OM Aim Hreem Shreem Kleem, The Five Great Mantras

Mantras have their own language and different meanings and applications both individually and in combination. They can take our minds, prana and speech back to the deepest level of creativity and transcendence, which are all interrelated. It is important to learn the language of seed and bija.

We will examine five of these prime seed mantras and their connections in the following article. OM AIM HREEM SHREEM KLEEM are important mantras for deeper Yoga Sadhanas, with many secrets at a cosmic level.

OM is the supreme mantra of the Divine Self and Transcendent reality, Atman/Brahman in Vedantic philosophy. OM is the source and foundation of all other mantras, of the Sanskrit alphabet and the Vedas that arise from it.

OM relates primarily to the Sahasrar, the thousand petal lotus of the head and the third eye (Ajna Chakra). It is the main mantra of Shiva Mahadev, who is also caled OMkara, but also used for Brahma and Vishnu, the trinity of Hindu deities; Brahma as the creative force, Vishnu as the sustaining force, and Shiva as the transformative force. It relates to Ishvara as the Adi Guru of Yoga as in the Yoga Sutras. It gives transcendent power and meaning to all other mantras.

The seed mantra AIM holds the power of speech on all levels up to the universal creative power. It relates to the throat chakra (Vishuddha) and Ma Saraswati, the Goddess of Speech, learning, music and dance. It brings all mantras into vocal form, starting with articulation through the mind from our higher intelligence (Vijnana), promoting art and knowledge.

HRIM / pronounced HREEM
HRIM is the mantra of the heart and its solar energy on all levels from the physical heart to the spiritual heart (Hridaya). It is the main mantra of the Goddess (Devi), specifically Shakti as the consort of Shiva, in all of her forms as Durga, Parvati, Uma, Gauri. It draws all mantras into the heart, both the heart chakra (Anahata) and the spiritual heart (Hridaya). It is said to be the primal sound (pranava) of the Goddess, energizing all her mantras.

SHRIM / pronounced SHREEM
SHRIM is the mantra of the lunar aspect of the heart as receptivity, devotion, the mantra of Ma Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, giving health, harmony, prosperity good fortune and alignment with the benefic forces of the universe. It increases the power of beauty, receptivity and devotion.

KLIM / pronounced KLEEM
KLIM is the seed mantra of the heart as the power of love, bliss, attraction, the fulfillment of all true wishes, drawing to us what we most deeply aspire for in our hearts and connecting us to it. KLIM is the mantra of Devi Tripura Sundari and the blissful form of the Goddess,


These five seed mantras serve to draw the awareness into the heart and develop it there.

These are very powerful mantras relative to the Goddess often used in combination as OM AIM HRIM SHRIM KLIM, or simply HRIM, SHRIM, KLIM to access all the benefic powers of the Mother of the Universe. These mantras in various combinations are often used along with the Sri Yantra and its Panchadashi Mantra.

Mantras and Pranas are connected at various level as cosmic forces, extending to the five Vayus at physical and mental levels, as well as at a transcendent level. Speech (Vak) and Prana naturally go together. Vak directs Prana. Prana expands the energy of Vak at a volitional level. Yet as Mantras and Pranas are subtle electrical energies we cannot reduce them to one level of correlations, which are multidimensional. Using these Five Shakti Mantras helps us harmonize and unify our five pranas and connect us to their subtle counterparts operating throughout the universe.

PRANA: Of the five Pranas, Prana itself as the root Prana relates to OM as a mantra and carries the cosmic Prana along with it, and to Shiva as a deity.

UDANA: Udana, which governs the throat chakra and the power of articulate speech relates to
AIM which connects us to our deeper intelligence in communication.

VYANA: Vyana, which expands through the heart outward and upward, relates to HREEM as the expansive force of solar energy.

SAMANA: Samana, which gives harmony, balance and calm at the level of the heart, relates to SHRIM as the harmonizing lunar energy. It also helps cool and balance the navel chakra.

APANA Apana, which governs over our earth and water energies, relates to KLEEM which is the watery force of love and creativity. It also helps with the power of Ojas and helps us draw the energies of the lower chakras into the heart.

Dr. David Frawley

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