Vedic Astronomical New Year (Yugadi), April 8, 2024, Total Solar Eclipse

Astrological Update from Dr. David Frawley

The Vedic astronomical New Year for the entire planet begins with the New Moon in the stars of Pisces, which usually occurs in March or early April. In this article, we will discuss the astronomical and the astrological and karmic indications of this year, which occurs on April 8.

This Vedic New Year is called Yugadi (or Ugadi), the beginning of this particular year in the Yuga cycle of years. The New Year is also called “Chaitra Shukla Pratipad” or the New Moon that occurs in the month of Chitra, when the full Moon occurs around 0 Libra (or the star Chitra, which varies by Moon’s speed of movement etc.).

In Vedic astrology we forecast the yearly karma of the different countries in the world by the astrological positions at the time of this New Year as determined from their capital city and its geographical location, and the astrological indications involved.

For example, Washington DC for the United States or New Delhi for India. The geographical location will change the position of the Ascendant or Lagna and the houses involved, while the positions of all the other planets by sign will remain the same.

Total Eclipse of the Sun Visible in the United States

This year of 2024 the Vedic New Year and New Moon in Pisces occurs on April 8, at which time there will be a total eclipse of the Sun, something that has not happened in centuries and so is quite ominous.

A total eclipse of the Sun for this planetary New Year is a matter of concern as the Sun is the ruler of all the planets and the zodiac overall. A total solar eclipse on this date shows a difficult year for the world as a whole. Yet most affected by the eclipse will be the region of the planet in which the track of the total eclipse occurs and can be seen in full. This is a very small region wide but considerable in length.

The main issue with the New Year and its total eclipse is that the eclipse track moves through the eastern United States from Texas to Maine, while a partial solar eclipse can be seen in the entire country. This shows the main influence of the eclipse affecting the United States. It is also called the “Great North American Eclipse”.

Karmic Difficulties of 2024-2025

For the world overall we have at the start of this Vedic year the wars in Ukraine and in Palestine. The question is whether this year will result in any resolution of these conflicts. An eclipse of the Sun could indicate the fall of certain rulers or countries, but not necessarily the end of wars or hostilities. This does not mean necessarily a new world war but likely world tensions continuing.

Of course, the United States is having an unprecedented divisive and conflicting national election in Nov. 2024. That it will be a difficult and contentious year is obvious even without the astrology. A total eclipse of the Sun usually indicates a change of the government, a fall of the leader, or a decline in the power or prestige of the country overall.

In any case, it is a warning to the United States to take a responsible, peaceful and compassionate approach in its national and international policy. We will have more to say about this later.

Eclipse Mantras for the Sun

On this date one can chant OM HREEM SURYAYA NAMAH to bring in the grace of the Sun and Surya Devata, or any other mantras to the Sun like the Gayatri Mantra. But one should not look at the eclipse.

Remember your inner Sun, which is the Atman, the Self of all beings!

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