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Nag Panchami : Revealing the secret of the nagas

Aug 11,17

The following article by Dr David Frawley was first published by DailyO We must honour all forms of Nagas, from …

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Discovering the secret power of Hanuman

Apr 9,17

The following article by Dr David Frawley was first published by DailyO He endows us with the Atma-Shakti or self-power …

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Rama and Sita through a Yogic Vision

Apr 4,17

“The real question behind the Ramayana is not whether monkeys could speak or if Rama and Sita are politically correct …

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This is why Shiva is so relevant

Feb 28,17

He is a deity of the eons, not just a historical or cultural image. Shiva is relevant to all of …

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The Non-Dual Reality of Lord Shiva

Feb 20,17

By David Frawley Shiva is ultimately a deity that represents the non-dualistic Absolute beyond all the contraries and oppositions of …

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The many benefits of Saraswati Puja

Jan 31,17

By Dr David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) Allowing the cosmic feminine principle to fully express itself through all forms of …

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The Meaning Of Durga

Oct 9,16

Navaratri No country in the world demonstrates such enduring reverence for the Great Mother Goddess, as does India. The Goddess …

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Who is Goddess Durga and why we celebrate Navratras

Sep 30,16

She is protective form of Shakti, burning up all ignorance, as her fiery nature energises our highest motivation. The following …

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Goddess Durga is no myth or superstition

Sep 30,16

She is the ultimate iconic form, present in every expression, movement and mood, natural and supernatural. This article by Dr …

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The hidden truth behind Sri Ganesha’s mystic image

Sep 4,16

Ganesha is said to be the remover of obstacles, which he is most energised to accomplish on Ganesh Chaturthi. The …

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