Hindu Deities

Yogeshwar, the Celestial Yogi

Jun 13,18

Asanasthah sukham hrade nimajjati Shiva Sutra 3.16 The yogi who establishes himself in a steady posture easily becomes immersed in …

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Why we must honour Goddess Saraswati

Feb 12,18

The Veda Mata holds the pure white light of spiritual knowledge and all the rainbow colours of artistic expression. The …

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The Many Benefits of Saraswati Puja

Jan 21,18

Allowing the cosmic feminine principle to fully express itself through all forms of art, without fear or manipulation, is the …

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Shiva, the Supreme Lord of Yoga

Jan 10,18

Shiva as the Great Unknown We live in a magical and mysterious universe pervaded by an unseen intelligence and subtle …

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This is why Shiva is so relevant

Feb 28,17

If we carefully examine the tradition of Shiva worship, we find something very different than the shadow of superstition often cast upon it. Shaivism contains among the world’s most sophisticated mystical and yogic philosophies. It has numerous texts of tremendous detail, and profundity on all aspects of life, the universe, karma, rebirth and liberation of the soul.

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Vedic Deities and Yoga

Jun 13,16

By Yogi Baba Prem While yoga has been growing within western culture for almost one hundred years, within the United …

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