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The Devatas (Gods and Goddesses) as Forms of Brahman

Hindu Gods and Goddesses, more properly called Devatas or Divine principles, are usually treated by modern scholars in a superficial sense as powers of nature or as imaginary spirits of the primitive mind.  Or at a psychological level they have been reduced to expressions of human emotions or sexual energies. At a yogic level, for

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Understanding the Secret Meaning of Ganesha

Who is Ganesha?   Ganesha is a figure of great mystery, power, and paradox. We sense in his unusual figure something of the unknown, unlimited and mysterious, far beyond our human considerations. What are the secrets that he holds and what do they mean for us at the deepest level? Ganesha’s arising or birth, if

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Why we must worship Goddess Kali

As the transforming power of time, Ma Kali can usher us into a new era of global peace and understanding, but we must first let go of our ignorance and arrogance. Ma Kali is the most misunderstood of all Hindu Goddesses, though she is often regarded as the most powerful. Ma Kali’s dark and fierce

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Nag Panchami : Revealing the Secret of the Nagas

We live in a universe full of electro-magnetic, subtle energy and pranic currents embedded in our own bodies and in the very fabric of space. These cosmic forces are symbolised as serpents (nagas) in yogic thought. Mastering them is the key to the unfoldment of higher awareness. We must honour all forms of Nagas, from

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Why Lord Shiva is the Ultimate Grandmaster of Yoga

Lord Shiva, among the great deities of Hinduism, most personifies the practice of Yoga. As Yogeshvara, the great lord of Yoga, Adi Natha, Adi Yogi and Mahayogi, he rules over all aspects of Yoga relative to body, mind and consciousness. For those looking to understand the origins of Yoga and the role of all yoga

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HAMSA RAHASYA: The Secret of Hamsa

Shaivite Yoga and the Hamsa   The Hamsa is one of the key concepts in Vedic, Yogic and Tantric thought. Along with the Kundalini, it holds many secrets of deeper Yoga practices. Indeed without understanding the Hamsa, the Kundalini force cannot be properly developed or understood.   The Hamsa as a bird is portrayed in

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