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The Great Goddess and World Mother (Mahadevi) in Vedic Astrology

Sep 22,22

By Yogini Shambhavi Mahadevi, the Great Goddess, has many names and forms in Jyotish, the Vedic astrological science of light. …

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Resetting Your Mind for Creativity and Higher Awareness

Sep 19,22

Many of us strive to periodically reset our bodies and their organic functioning to allow for proper rest and renewal. …

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Healing Shaktis of Ayurveda

Sep 14,22

Shakti and Healing   Shakti is an important Sanskrit term that has several levels of meaning that are essential for …

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Vedic Counseling and Karmic Counseling

Sep 9,22

Karmic Responsibility: Taking Control of Your Life The first thing Vedic counseling teaches us is that our lives are a …

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Vedic Light and Tantric Energy Yogas

Aug 25,22

  By Acharya David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) Tantra and Veda: One Tradition   A number of writers and teachers, …

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Understanding the Heart with a Vedic Vision

Aug 19,22

  The heart at a physical level is the basis of our health and longevity. Our life begins with our …

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