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Transcending Our Two Dimensional Media World

Oct 25,22

  We spend our time looking at small flat screens, which are not only limited in size but in the …

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Psychological Immunity and How to Measure it

Oct 10,22

We all know the importance of physical immunity. This is our ability to resist disease, ward off pathogens, endure the …

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Shravana: The Vedic Yoga of Listening

Oct 6,22

There is an inner state of listening, called Shravana in Vedanta, where the mind is silent, receptive and non-reactive, allowing …

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The Meaning of Durga

Sep 29,22

No country in the world demonstrates such enduring reverence for the Great Mother Goddess, as does India. The Goddess is …

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Who is Goddess Durga and why we celebrate Navratras

Sep 26,22

The following article is by Yogini Shambhavi Devi Ma Durga is the protective form of Shakti, burning up all ignorance, …

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The Great Goddess and World Mother (Mahadevi) in Vedic Astrology

Sep 22,22

By Yogini Shambhavi Mahadevi, the Great Goddess, has many names and forms in Jyotish, the Vedic astrological science of light. …

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