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History of Asana and Exercise in India

Oct 26,17

By David Frawley (Vamadeva, Adopted from Vedic Yoga: the Path of the Rishi In the following article, we will …

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What is Vedic Counseling? Primary Questions and Answers

Oct 24,17

What is Vedic Counseling? Adapted from the Art and Science of Vedic Counseling Vedic counseling is life guidance based upon …

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Diwali 2017 And Rama Rajya

Oct 21,17

The following article by Dr David Frawley was first published by Swarajya Diwali celebrates the return of Sri Rama to …

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Addiction and the Digital Age – The Need for Higher Consciousness

Oct 12,17

There has been a strong natural healing movement in the world over recent decades. The many natural health practitioners and …

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The Need for India to Awaken and Spread its Yoga Shakti

Oct 2,17

Vedic thought is awakening every soul in Bharata or India today. Vedic thought and its dharmic traditions have found its …

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India in the Post-Secular Era

Oct 2,17

  As the darkness of this contrived and manipulative view of secularism gets removed, there is now the space for …

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Yoga and Ayurveda’s View of Depression and How to Overcome It

Sep 26,17

Depression is becoming epidemic, particularly in the affluent Western world. It is afflicting young and old, rich and poor, educated …

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Durga signifies the innermost power of consciousness

Sep 20,17

The following article by Dr David Frawley was first published by DailyO The goddess is forever taking shape within and …

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Yoga Psychology and the Yoga Sutras: The Sovereign Remedy to Go Beyond All Sorrow

Sep 10,17

The Yoga Sutras of Rishi Patanjali portrays a psychological view of Yoga, not a physical Yoga, which is only mentioned …

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Vedic Astrology as a Way of Self-knowledge

Sep 4,17

Vedic Astrology and Self-knowledge   Vedic astrology or Jyotish  is an integral part of our Vedic teachings as one of …

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