Nature’s Diet, Interview with Dr. David Frawley

Interview by Armanda Dos Santos

  1. Doctor Frawley, what is the astounding power of Ayurveda?

David Frawley: Ayurveda is the traditional Indian system of medicine that arose out of the philosophy and practice of Yoga some five thousand years ago. It helps us access with the universal consciousness and prana, to bring a greater vitality and awareness into our lives on all levels.

Ayurveda brings to us the healing powers of nature, including a number of secret and subtle powers that are not commonly known today. Ayurveda provides us a deep understanding of how foods, herbs and healing therapies work and how to apply these relative to our own unique individual constitution for our optimal well-being. It connects to a science of mind and consciousness as well, letting us breathe with the universal life.

  1. Yours books are mainly about self-healing and self-realisation. What are the keys for a simple person to achieve that ?

David Frawley: We all need to live in harmony with our own nature and with the world of nature around us in order to manifest our full potential in life. For that to occur, we must understand ourselves and how our body and mind work. The keys to doing this are simple as right diet, right exercise, right breathing, right use of the senses and right use of the mind. Ayurveda and Yoga help us to do this. Bringing consciousness into all that we do is the first step.

  1. You are known for your urge understanding of the Vedic wisdom. According to you, is our society (or modern lifestyle) manufacturing depressed people, psychotic disorders ? And if so, by which ways can Ayurveda heal our minds ?

David Frawley: Depression is very common today among all age groups. It is a side-effect of our lives of excessive stimulation through the mass media, internet, entertainment industry, drugs, stimulants and junk food, which tend to burn out the nervous system in the long run.

To counter this state of depletion from which depression arises, we need to cultivate natural food, time in nature, meditation, relaxation, inner peace and special herbs to nurture the mind and heart. Ayurveda and Yoga provide us with these. Ayurvedic and Yoga psychology teaches us how to use aromas, colors, mantras and healing sounds, and special meditation techniques to heal and rejuvenate the mind. This is the Rasayana or Rejuvenation approach that I discussed in detail in my book Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda: The Power of Rejuvenation and Immortality.


June 28, 2017
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