Shakti Sadhana and Divine Grace

Shakti Sadhana 


All of our lives should be a Shakti Sadhana, a cultivation of the Yoga Shakti on all levels. For this we are always supported by Mother Nature who is the very embodiment of Shakti for us.


We had an amazing foray into Mother Nature in Colorado, with all the flowers blooming, Hummingbirds displaying their dharana, the yogic power of concentration, the rabbits of the wilderness, an auspicious visit by a Soma deer! In many ways these are all divine blessings in our lives that nature provides us but which we are rarely presence to receive or have the attention even to recognize. Nature is full of the abundance of the Goddess and secret powers of Shakti.

Shakti sadhana is not about making efforts to fulfill our personal desires but about being receptive to the ever-changing flow of Shakti’s transformational grace that surrounds us on every side! The art of truly being present in a sacred space is to be aware of nature around us and embrace it as the very ground of our own being, our own true nature. Most of the time we busy ourselves with the shifting affairs of the outer world, its fleeting enjoyments and achievements, moving from agitation and obsession to eventual anxiety and despair. We lose the vastness of our deeper cosmic Self and get caught in social images and commodities instead, getting trapped in human images.

The individual human being is but a pawn in this Maya of illusory forces that one seldom comprehends. Life is full of shifting appearances that keep us ever wondering where any ultimate reality may ever dwell. As we begin to become aware of these diverse forces we realize that our little familiar human world is but an island in a greater ocean of collective and universal forces.

However, while the energies in the human world are often ignorant if not belligerent, those in the world of nature and in the greater universe are beneficent and full of grace, beauty and wonder. We must learn to look beyond the boundaries of our outer social personalities and transient human lives to embrace the cosmic presence within and around us. In being nothing we can become everything.


The Universe of Shakti


The universe weaves a divine tapestry of cosmic light and energy, which has been tapped by our ancient Rishis and by Native Guides all over the world resonating with nature’s overflowing beatitude, mystery and beauty. The Seers perceived the subtle vibrations, the ‘aliveness’ of light, pervading the Tanmatras or root essences of sight, sound, taste, touch or smell, as well as the inner intuitive perception of one’s sixth sense of pure Being. Our mergence into the all-pervasive light allows us how to experience a pure state of illumination inside and outside, ushering us through the gateway of higher consciousness to a clarity beyond thought and desire. We are beings of light, full of light and light has its power or Shakti that reveals and energizes all higher potentials. All the color and music of life arises from their play.

Shakti prevails on all levels of existence, from the supreme Brahman, the Absolute, beyond all time and space to the minutest living organism, even to the smallest subatomic particle. Every light form has its own Shakti, from the warm rays of the Sun to the cool luminescence of Moonlight. The highest Brahma Shakti is Chit Shakti, the power of consciousness existing as one with the Shiva principle of pure consciousness. Ishvara as the cosmic lord has the power or will of  the Divine, Ishvara Shakti, to transform and nourish every living being, guiding us to our inner Self. All the forces of nature reflect Shakti, not as inanimate forces but rays of consciousness, unfolding the lila or play of the Goddess, allowing all possibilities to lead us to the Supreme at every time and place we happen to traverse.


Jai Maa Guru!
Sri Parashaktyai Namah!

Yogini Shambhavi Devi

April 23, 2019

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