Video – Sri Aurobindo: From Political Revolutionary to Spiritual Revolutionary

Our indepth discussion on Sri Aurobindo with Sampadananda Mishra or Rishihood University for Sangam Talks. A one hour discussion of the life and teachings of Sri Aurobindo, from his youth and his revolutionary period to his role as a great guru and Mahayogi for India and for all humanity, which is much needed today.

Sri Aurobindo has been one of my greatest inspirations over the last more than fifty years. He was my initial inspiration to study the Vedas, back to the Rigveda itself. His views of India and Sanatana Dharma were crucial, including his interpretations of the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita. My first major publications in India in 1980 began with the M.P. Pandit’s publication of my Vedic translations in Sri Aurobindo Ashram publications. 

Sri Aurobindo holds a vision of a new India and new humanity following a higher Yoga Shakti and power of inner transformation through the Divine Mother. His many books like the Life Divine, Savitri and the Synthesis of Yoga can guide us forward beyond our present world crisis.

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