The Ayurvedic View of the Human Body – Audio by Dr. David Frawley

Ayurveda views the human  body in terms of consciousness, intelligence, information and energy as held in a physical field of organs, tissues and channels. As such the body is not simply physical but is merely a physical point focus for forces that extend to the entire universe. Though the physical body itself is mortal, it is connected to wider energies and powers of immortality and eternity. Though it is limited in size, its connections extend out into the infinite.

The physical brain similarly is not just a material or chemical structure or system but a physical focus for thoughts, insights and states of consciousness that can ultimately go far beyond any physical or personal reality, time and space. The physical body reflects a subtler astral body of pranic energy and creative thought, and a yet deeper causal body of pure intelligence and discernment. Our bodies are connected with other people and with the whole of nature.

Yet further, Ayurveda recognizes a deeper Self, inner being and higher awareness behind the body and mind, the Atman or Purusha. It sees the body as connected to prana and mind and universal consciousness and that Supreme Self. The physical body is like a vesture or clothes that the Self wears to enable its functioning in the material world of time and space. The body must be cared for properly according to the laws of nature, but is an expression of our deeper Self-identity as pure consciousness, not who we really are.

Recognizing this Ayurvedic view of the body as a point of cosmic focus helps us promote physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. It makes us aware of the yogic implications of everything that we do from movement, breath, sensory perception, thought and emotion extending into meditation and samadhi. This is the basis of an Ayurvedic life-style and treatment extending from diet, herbs, exercise and massage, to special clinical methods and yogic methods of improving prana, sensory function and awareness.

For more detail listen to the attached audio by Dr. David Frawley

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