Yoga and Ayurveda View of the Mind: Audio

Yoga and Ayurveda View of the Mind Audio

In modern medicine brain, mind and consciousness are equated, with the mind regarded as only a function of the brain, and consciousness a function of the mind.  Mind and consciousness are reduced to brain chemistry, as if there were no real intelligence there.

In Yoga and Ayurveda brain, mind and consciousness are related but different and can be clearly discriminated from each other at both physical levels and extending into higher dimensions of awareness and Self-realization.

The brain is purely physical and reflects primarily the life of the physical body. However, higher energies and thoughts can move through the brain through its connection with the deeper mind and consciousness.

The mind only holds the reflection of true consciousness, which is transcendent. The mind is not conscious in its own right. Much of our minds are subconscious or unconscious, with various instincts, emotions, memories and compulsions hidden deep within us. The outer mind brings intelligence into the body and the senses for dealing with physical reality and its numerous demands.

Yet there is also an inner mind that holds our deeper karmas along with the energies of the subtle body that transcends death. We must understand the different functions of the outer and inner minds and learn to work more with the inner mind in order to reach true consciousness.

Pure Consciousness is our true Self beyond body and mind, which are but its instruments. It is one with Universal Consciousness and beyond the karmas of body and mind or the cycle of birth and death. This is the Atman or Purusha of Yoga and Vedanta.

Note Audio by Dr. David Frawley for more detail.

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