Vedic Origins of Yoga

In today’s world of asana and exercise based yoga, it is easy to forget the spiritual and meditation basis of the Yoga tradition. Dr. David Frawley explains the ancient foundation of the Yoga Sutras and the greater Yoga tradition in Mantra Yoga, going back to the mantric hymns of the Vedic Rishis and the seeds sounds of the Sanskrit language. He reveals mantra as the language of yoga and jnana (knowledge), bhakti (devotion) and karma (action) as its applications. He shows how chakras and Kundalini energy were well known to the Vedic sages as a manifestation of the power of mantra and cosmic sound. Yoga is the practice of Vedic knowledge and reflects a Vedic mantric basis, starting with the supreme mantra OM, which is the indicator of Ishvara, the Supreme Divine Consciousness that is the original Guru of the Yoga tradition. This talk makes clear the unity of Yoga and Veda that many scholars today have forgotten.
June 28, 2017
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