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Wishes Granted through Each of the 27 Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions

  This is one of several articles by Dr. David Frawley on the Vedas, Vedic Astrology and the Nakshatras. It reflects his special Vedic research. This particular information is not available in any other astrological text and is part of special Vedic knowledge on astrology from a very ancient period prior to the existing compilations

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The Shiva-Kali Axis in Vedic Astrology and its Alignment in 2020

The Shiva-Kali Axis in Vedic astrology is the important axis between the Galactic Center in early Sagittarius (Kali) and the point opposite to it or the Anti-Galactic Center in early Gemini (Shiva). It marks the two sides of the zodiac from looking inwards from our solar system towards the center of the galaxy in Sagittarius

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Ketu: The Most Mysterious and Powerful of Planetary Influences

Ketu represents the subtle energies that allow us to either transcend our karma or have to face the most powerful and dangerous karmas within us, either individually or collectively. We are facing a new astrological confrontation with Ketu today.   From September 2020 to April 2022 Ketu will be transiting the sign of Scorpio, often

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Collective Karma and Vedic Astrology

  We are all affected by collective karma, which has powerful trends that strongly impact us at personal and psychological levels as well as in our outer lives. Collective karmic disturbances affect all of us. There are major collective disruptions including wars, recessions, political divisions, riots, and natural calamities like plagues, floods, droughts, earthquakes and

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2020 and its Dangers for Humanity

We are all looking with deep concern about the current state of the world and what is happening today, which continues to surprise, confound and agitate us. The division and conflict on every continent is easy to see, but how to resolve it remains bewildering. While we should not give in to doomsday feelings, we

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The Milky Way and the Cosmic Soma

An indepth study of the Vedic Understanding of the Milky Way and the Zodiac Soma and the Orientation of the Zodiac The key to the meaning of the signs of the zodiac should be evident from the orientation of the zodiac itself. The most dramatic factor in stellar observation for any person is the Milky

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