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Mauna: The Yoga of Silence

Mauna, the Secret Limb of Yoga Mauna refers to the practice of not-speaking, and one who does this regularly is called a Muni, a sign of great respect in Hindu and yogic thought. While not-speaking is an important part of Mauna, it is much more than that. The voice is the foremost of our motor

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Shakti, the Yoga Sutras and Patanjali

Some scholars state that there is no mention of Shakti in the Yoga Sutras. This is incorrect. Shakti is the last word in the Yoga Sutras that sums up its entire teaching and defines its goal as the realization of the Purusha. It suggests what is referred to as Kundalini Shakti in other Yoga texts.

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Tapas, the Fire of Yoga

Tapas is one of the key principles of Vedic thought and Yoga practice, without which it cannot be understood. Tapas is described as the power of Agni, our inner flame of awareness. Tapas is often a synonym for Yoga itself. Yoga is Tapas or developing the inner fire (Agni) and will power necessary for a

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Practice Pranayama to Access Higher Energies

Pranayama is a very deep but often misunderstood aspect of Yoga. From ordinary breathing practices to yogic mastery of the vital force and promoting the higher energy of consciousness, it is all pranayama at various levels. In the following article, we will explore the deeper aspects of Prana and Pranayama, including how to achieve a

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Discovering the Secret Power of Hanuman

  Hanuman endows us with the Atma-Shakti or self-power to realize our highest potential and accomplish what is magical. Hanuman is the great hero of the Ramayana, the wonderful story’s most fascinating character. Though having the form of a monkey, he is said to be the greatest sage, yogi and devotee. What is the inner

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The Purusha, the Real Person within You

The Complexity of our Physical Existence   If you carefully examine your life, you can easily observe that our human existence is complicated, many sided, with numerous subtle connections both within us and around us, extending widely into time and space,. We spend most of our time trying to manage the bewildering challenges of our

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