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Our Daily Journey in Consciousness           

  Our entire lives form an ongoing journey into consciousness that occurs one day at a time. We should treat each day as sacred with its own importance as a doorway into eternity. In this way we can take our practice, whether of Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda or Jyotish to the highest level. We must learn

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Why the Warrior Form of Hanuman is Relevant Today

If  we look deeply at the story of Hanuman he is first and foremost a great warrior who has inspired warriors and armies throughout history, including those who defended India from invaders and protected its temples from destruction. Yet unlike Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, Hanuman went through no dejection on the battlefield; he was

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Ayurvedic View of Wheat and Gluten

In the following article we examine the strengthens and weaknesses of a gluten-free diet and why Ayurveda recommends wheat for many constitutions and conditions.   The gluten free diet movement has now become a multibillion dollar food business extending from the United States to the entire world. Gluten almost seems to be the worst food

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International Yoga Day 2018: Yoga and Ayurveda for all Humanity

2018 marks the fourth International Yoga Day since its inception in 2015 by the United Nations. It has now become an important annual global event and special day in India overall. Each year marks additional progress in spreading the practice and study of Yoga and its acceptance into schools, businesses and all walks of life.

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Embodied Mind and Transcendent Consciousness

American Institute of Vedic Studies
American Institute of Vedic Studies
Embodied Mind and Transcendent Consciousness

We human beings are embodied creatures defined by our birth in a particular physical body as indicating our real identity and the focus of our

Comparison and the Incomparable Self

Your inner Self (Atman) and true nature cannot be compared to anything. It has no name, form or action, no shape, size or color. It

The Ancient Yoga of the Sun

For the Winter Solstice December 21, which marks the rebirth of the Sun and Agni What if the most powerful force for energizing all Yoga

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