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How India can establish Ram Rajya today

Let us embrace the cause of Dharma on earth and give up the conflict and duality caused by adharma Sri Rama is the ideal ruler whose image has dominated the long history of India from the earliest era. He is the avatar of Dharma, which is right action, holding to truth and duty as supreme,

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Your true self, Vedanta and modern psychology

The following article by Dr David Frawley was first published by Zee News Modern psychology suffers from gaps, which the teachings of Vedanta address at a fundamental level. We live in an age of psychoanalysis. Since Freud a century ago, we have been taught the importance of examining our personal psychology, emotions and memories for

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Shiva Ratri: Waking Up to your Immortal Self

Look to your true Self beyond body and mind that are but your instruments of expression in the manifest worlds. Whatever you see is but a reflection of the power of Shiva! Lord Shiva is the supreme deity of ever-wakeful awareness, the veritable consciousness of immortality. Connecting to his energy is essential for our optimal

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Rishi Tales 2: Foreword by Dr David Frawley

The following foreword was written by Dr. David Frawley to U. Mahesh Prabhu’s book RISHI TALES 2. The book is available on | Amazon Kindle | Google Play BOOKS Wisdom is best conveyed in stories as it is experiential in nature, not a matter of mere beliefs, concepts or theories. These RishiTales are not simply literal accounts of a person’s life,

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Vedic Counseling: A New Model

The Counseling Renaissance Today we are discovering many new dynamic tools for understanding ourselves and for bringing greater meaning into our lives, not simply at a physical level, but at deeper levels of consciousness. Our model of the human being is shifting from that of a separate individual fixed in one location in time and

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Embodied Mind and Transcendent Consciousness

American Institute of Vedic Studies
American Institute of Vedic Studies
Embodied Mind and Transcendent Consciousness

We human beings are embodied creatures defined by our birth in a particular physical body as indicating our real identity and the focus of our

Comparison and the Incomparable Self

Your inner Self (Atman) and true nature cannot be compared to anything. It has no name, form or action, no shape, size or color. It

The Ancient Yoga of the Sun

For the Winter Solstice December 21, which marks the rebirth of the Sun and Agni What if the most powerful force for energizing all Yoga

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