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Uncovering the Secrets of Time and Space, Beyond all Dimensions

Modern physics speaks of three dimensions of space with time as the fourth dimension. Vedic science speaks of infinite space and eternal time as your true Self and the core of your being, taking us beyond all dimensions as the entire universe exists within us.   Akasha or Space is the most subtle of the

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Mahatma Gandhi at 150 Years

  Mahatma Gandhi remains the most well known and respected figure of modern India and its Independence Movement. His spiritual approach to political activism has influenced the entire world, including the civil rights movement in the United States through Dr. Martin Luther King. Yet while many people know about Gandhi, few understand what he represented

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Freedom of Debate: Is It Allowed Today?

The dharmic traditions of India have always valued a tradition of open debate in which everything is questioned and every point of view explored, however contrary. That is why India’s philosophical systems have such a great variety and never excluded any opinion, accepting also an atheist materialistic school of Charvaka as one point of view.

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Anxiety and its Treatment through Yoga and Ayurveda

Anxiety is almost epidemic in the modern higher tech world, though it is a long standing human problem. It is increasing globally during this coronavirus pandemic. We must understand for both psychological health and developing any higher consciousness.     Anxiety is largely Vata Dosha disorder in Ayurvedic medicine, a problem that arises from an

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Ketu: The Most Mysterious and Powerful of Planetary Influences

Ketu represents the subtle energies that allow us to either transcend our karma or have to face the most powerful and dangerous karmas within us, either individually or collectively. We are facing a new astrological confrontation with Ketu today.   From September 2020 to April 2022 Ketu will be transiting the sign of Scorpio, often

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Collective Karma and Vedic Astrology

  We are all affected by collective karma, which has powerful trends that strongly impact us at personal and psychological levels as well as in our outer lives. Collective karmic disturbances affect all of us. There are major collective disruptions including wars, recessions, political divisions, riots, and natural calamities like plagues, floods, droughts, earthquakes and

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Embodied Mind and Transcendent Consciousness

American Institute of Vedic Studies
American Institute of Vedic Studies
Embodied Mind and Transcendent Consciousness

We human beings are embodied creatures defined by our birth in a particular physical body as indicating our real identity and the focus of our

Comparison and the Incomparable Self

Your inner Self (Atman) and true nature cannot be compared to anything. It has no name, form or action, no shape, size or color. It

The Ancient Yoga of the Sun

For the Winter Solstice December 21, which marks the rebirth of the Sun and Agni What if the most powerful force for energizing all Yoga

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