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Karma Means You Create Your Own Destiny

Nov 15,21

पूर्वजन्मकृतं कर्म तद् दैवमिति कथ्यते । तस्मात पुरुषकारेण यत्नं कुर्याद्तन्द्रित: ॥ Your destiny in this life is the result of …

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Worry & Vedic Counseling

Nov 11,21

चिन्ता चिता समायुक्त: बिन्दुमात्रेण विशेशत: । सजीव दहते चिन्ता निर्जीवदहते चिता ॥ Worry and the funeral pyre are linked together, …

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Shaktis of the Nakshatras

Nov 10,21

Each Nakshatra has its particular power or Shakti. These are the powers of the Devatas or deities that rule over …

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Why India will be celebrating National Ayurveda Day on Dhanteras

Nov 2,21

Ayurveda, India's natural system of healing has spread worldwide as an innovative and comprehensive system of mind-body medicine.Wherever yoga has gone, ayurveda is now following as the essence of yogic healing for both physical and psychological well-being. It takes the teachings of yoga and expands them into a full medical system for both disease treatment and health enhancement.

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Satyam Shivam Sundaram: Truth, Auspiciousness and Beauty

Oct 30,21

Satyam Shivam Sundaram सत्यं शिवम् सुन्दरम् By Yogini Shambhavi   Yoga and Vedanta defines the Cosmic Reality in a threefold manner: Satyam Shivam …

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The Healing Power of Shakti

Oct 11,21

By Yogini Shambhavi   Shakti, the intrinsic grace of the Divine Mother Goddess, holds the supreme power of spiritual, psychological …

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