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Consciousness, the Ultimate Power of Knowing and Healing

Sep 5,21

Modern physics is searching for a unitary field of consciousness to explain the coherence of the laws of nature. Such …

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Beyond all Addictions through Yoga and Vedantic Practices

Aug 23,21

  Addictive Nature of the Mind   There is a simple way to overcome all addictions, but not easy. It …

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Consciousness and the Brain

Aug 12,21

  The human brain, for all of its complexity, is not itself conscious. Most of its functions are unconscious or …

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Ayurveda and Vedic Counseling: What is the Relationship?

Aug 4,21

Vedic Counseling includes Ayurvedic Counseling at a wellness level, but has a broader scope of concerns that includes Yoga, Vedanta, …

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Why Guru Purnima is unique to Hindu Dharma

Jul 23,21

Many religions honour their founder or great teacher in various ways. Hindu dharma is perhaps unique in honouring the guru or spiritual master as a principle in itself beyond any particular personality, philosophy or revelation.The true guru is a position of spiritual guidance, the illuminating presence of a higher awareness. The guru is not limited to any physical person, however exalted he or she may be.

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The Power of Prana in Yoga and Ayurveda

Jul 3,21

  Yoga and Ayurveda constitute a way of life that allows us to arrive at longevity and immunity, and to …

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