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Mantra, Concentration and Meditation

Sep 30,21

  Concentration and Meditation   To reach the meditative state, concentration is required first. A scattered, distracted, and inattentive mind …

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Turning Life’s Poisons into the Nectar of Soma

Sep 29,21

Shiva as the Drinker of Poison Shiva is the great ecstatic deity of Yoga, the supreme Lord of the highest …

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Inner Self-Awareness and the Mind-Body Connection

Sep 25,21

Whatever you bring into your mind, you also bring into your physical body. What your mind does, affects both your …

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Why India’s Ancient Rigveda Remains Humanity’s Most Important Book

Sep 24,21

The Rigveda is the oldest of India’s ancient Vedic texts, extending back to 3000 BCE or earlier. It is our …

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Yogic Neuroscience: Developing the Soma of the Brain and Beyond

Sep 14,21

Soma is part of a vast cosmic symbolism in Vedic thought. It cannot be reduced to a single plant as …

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The hidden truth behind Sri Ganesha’s mystic image

Sep 10,21

Ganesha is said to be the remover of obstacles, which he is most energized to accomplish on Ganesh Chaturthi. Sri …

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