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The Purusha, the Real Person within You

Apr 9,22

The Complexity of our Physical Existence   If you carefully examine your life, you can easily observe that our human …

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Self-Remembrance: Do Not Forget Your Inner Being

Apr 4,22

Self-remembrance is one of the key practices of meditation in the Vedantic tradition. Self-remembrance grounds us in our eternal reality …

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Ayurvedic Astrology: Hinduism Today

Apr 1,22

Ayurvedic Astrology: Hinduism Today   With the Covid-19 era focusing humanity on wellness more than ever before, we present the …

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Releasing the Knots of the Heart: Hridaya Granthi

Mar 17,22

Yogic literature, starting with the Upanishads, speak of the knots of the heart and the necessity to release, cut or …

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Our True Self as the Space of Consciousness (Chidakasha)

Mar 14,22

In Vedanta the Self or Atman is commonly defined as space (kham, akasha). That space (akasha) is further defined as …

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Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda: The Meaning of Chikitsa

Mar 8,22

YOGA THERAPY OR YOGA CHIKITSA   The Sanskrit term for therapy throughout its medical literature is Chikitsa, which literally refers …

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