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Vedic Counseling: A New Model

Dec 1,18

The Counseling Renaissance Today we are discovering many new dynamic tools for understanding ourselves and for bringing greater meaning into …

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Consciousness, the Key to All Vedic Disciplines

Nov 28,18

Modern physics is looking for a unitary field of consciousness to explain the coherence of the laws of nature. Such …

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Ayurveda and the Mind: Keys to Yoga and Ayurveda Psychology

Nov 25,18

Ayurveda is inherently a psychological as much as it is a physical system of medicine. Its scope of practice includes …

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The Meaning of Maya: the Illusion of the World

Jan 15,18

  The great spiritual traditions of India commonly teach us that the world is Maya, usually translated as ‘illusion’ or …

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Reclaiming your own Direct Experience of Life

Jan 13,17

By David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) Most of us are so caught up in the demands of our outer lives that …

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Our Life Movement in Consciousness

Nov 27,16

Exclusive to American Institute of Vedic Studies by Dr. David Frawley To be able to perceive the reality of who …

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Yogic Neuroscience: The Brain and the Thousand-Petal Lotus of the Head

Apr 5,16

  By Dr David Frawley a.k.a. Pandit Vamadeva Shastri The thousand-petal lotus of the head or the crown chakra is …

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How counting your karma can transform your life

Feb 5,16

An acceptance of our karmic responsibility in life allows us to act with clarity and integrity. People all over the …

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World needs to wake up to ecological living

Nov 23,15

How can we talk about the quality of our lives, if the quality of our air, water and food is …

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A Vedic Approach to Information Based Technology

Jun 13,12

By David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) Read the full article in the New Global Indian (page 50) We live in an …

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