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Self-Remembrance: Do Not Forget Your Inner Being

Self-remembrance is one of the key practices of meditation in the Vedantic tradition. Self-remembrance grounds us in our eternal reality and in our prime purpose in life, which is to realize who we are in our inmost essence beyond all outer changes of time, place or action.   Self-remembrance is not remembrance of our ordinary

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Shravana: The Vedic Yoga of Listening

There is an inner state of listening, called Shravana in Vedanta, where the mind is silent, receptive and non-reactive, allowing it to access a higher level of communication and learning. This meditative of listening called Shravana holds an inner space in which the real meaning of anything said can be revealed. It is an attentive

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Releasing the Knots of the Heart: Hridaya Granthi

Yogic literature, starting with the Upanishads, speak of the knots of the heart and the necessity to release, cut or break these in order to free ourselves from ignorance, death and sorrow. This is necessary to realize our true Self that is one with all, which dwells at the core of the spiritual heart. It

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Our True Self as the Space of Consciousness (Chidakasha)

In Vedanta the Self or Atman is commonly defined as space (kham, akasha). That space (akasha) is further defined as bliss (Ananda). What is the nature of this space that is the Self?  Our inner Self holds the entire universe in the small space within the spiritual heart (Hridaya). This is a space of Consciousness

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Our Life Movement in Consciousness

To be able to perceive the reality of who we are and what this marvelous universe is all about, we must first realize that in our ordinary human state of mind that we are not truly conscious. We are not aware of who we really are or what is the true essence of our existence.

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Sanskrit and the Science of Consciousness

  Sanskrit is to experiential spirituality what mathematics is to science. Sanskrit can unlock the mysteries of universal Consciousness just as mathematics is decoding the structure of the universe. This means that for a genuine science of Consciousness to be credible we should learn the mantric language of Sanskrit and its cosmic implications, not simply

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