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Category: Articles on Vedic Counseling

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Sanskrit and the Science of Consciousness

  Sanskrit is to experiential spirituality what mathematics is to science. Sanskrit can unlock the mysteries of universal Consciousness just as mathematics is decoding the structure of the universe. This means that for a genuine science of Consciousness to be credible we should learn the mantric language of Sanskrit and its cosmic implications, not simply

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From Ego to Atman: Vedic View of Association

Ego as the Basis of the Human Mind    Each human being has an ego or sense of separate self based upon our identification with the physical body that is rooted in our karma. This human ego at an intellectual level can be strong, even when it is sophisticated or well educated. Ego is the

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Cultivating our Higher Intelligence and Discernment

  Role of Buddhi in Mind and Consciousness   Buddhi is our key mental function that helps us perceive what is true and false, dharmic and adharmic. If we turn the buddhi outward it helps us discern the names and forms of the external world. If we turn it inward, it helps us discern the

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Comparison and the Incomparable Self

Your inner Self (Atman) and true nature cannot be compared to anything. It has no name, form or action, no shape, size or color. It is beyond all elements and qualities of nature. It is beyond body and mind, time and appearance altogether. It dwells within everything yet is not limited to anything. At most

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Our Place in the Universal Life

  We human beings are only one variety of living beings. We share a common heritage with all living beings, not just with our own species.   Life in Vedic terminology is called Prana, which refers not just to the breath but to the lifeforce overall. The same Prana flows in all living beings linking

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Calming Emotional Turbulence

Emotions are powerful forces of nature, not just our own personal reactions. For example, anger is much like fire. When you are angry, it is not your anger, but anger is expressing itself through you, as it does through other creatures. Like fire the force of anger has a destructive potential that we can easily

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Shiva and Prana Yoga

  Shiva and Prana Yoga  Prana Yoga is one of the most important Yoga traditions and an integral part of the worship of Shiva Mahadev,

Svastha: Wellbeing in Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the Vedic science of life for all living beings, defines health and wellbeing in terms of Svastha. Svastha means abiding (stha) in one’s own

The Upanishadic Connection to Neuroscience

Upanishadic sages thousands of years ago understood the secrets of neuroscience, but going beyond the physical body and mind to higher levels of consciousness. Vedic

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