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Why Swami Vivekananda Still Matters

Swami Vivekananda taught us how to realize the universal consciousness beyond time and space within our own minds and hearts. Modern India rests upon the inspiration that Swami Vivekananda awakened over a hundred years ago. His life and teachings became the spirit that infused the country’s independence movement and proclamation of self-rule, not only at

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Reawakening Indic Thought

India achieved its political independence in 1947, but did not establish the necessary intellectual independence to go along with it and effectively take the country forward.   It is not that t India’s Independence Movement had not demonstrated an awakening of India’s own cultural values and intellectual traditions. On the contrary, India’s Independence Movement was

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Why Indian intellectuals need to study more Vedanta

India for centuries has had the most rigorous, profound and insightful intellectual traditions in the world, the great system of Vedanta. Vedanta was the basis of the training for many of the greatest minds of India from ancient to modern times, from Krishna to Shankara to Swami Vivekananda. Yet Vedanta is more than a mere

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India in the Post-Secular Era

  As the darkness of this contrived and manipulative view of secularism gets removed, there is now the space for India to emerge once more as a nation, culture, and civilization in its own right.   The era during which the Nehruvian idea of secularism dominated India’s political discourse and dictated the country’s national narrative

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India’s Export of Yoga – Import of Fundamentalism and Terrorism

There must be a greater discrimination between India’s profound dharmic teachings and regressive western religious cults By David Frawley India’s balance of trade in terms of religion and spirituality is quite interesting and worthy of note. I am not speaking of economics here but the trade of ideologies and belief systems. While India exports its

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